Seal Replacement Instructions


Please follow the simple, step-by-step instructions and we wish you happy, trouble-free showering.

1. Remove the Shower Rose; a spanner may be gently used at point "A". Pull the Handle "B" straight outwards to remove, and lift of the Face Plate by pressing at points "C" between thumb and forefinger.
2. Turn OFF both Red and Blue Isolator Knobs "D" (1/4 turn clockwise is off.) – If isolators are arranged vertically a small bar may assist in turning, there is a hole in the centre of the finger bar.
3. Remove 4 Screws "F" and gently remove the Top Body Assembly. (HVATO).The Shut-Off Seals are now visible

Remove BOTH Seals, and if fitted, Spring/s and White Insert/s from the Seal Cavities. 
NOTE: If a Filter is fitted, clean and replace. BUT DO NOT replace either Springs or Inserts - they are not needed with the new seals.

4. Inspect the interior for grit or other foreign matter and flush clean. Gently insert the new seals in the Seal Cavities, squeeze the seal skirt slightly between your fingers and ease into the Seal Cavities. Flat face out.

5. Fit the O-ring into the peanut shaped groove surrounding the Hot Seal Cavity.

6. Inspect the Top Body Assembly for foreign matter. You may remove the Rotor unit by pressing the Drive Peg. Wash or wipe away any foreign matter and apply silicone grease to both O-Rings. Cleanliness at this stage is essential. Replace the Rotor unit in the Valve Top Lubricant can also be applied to the exposed part of the Shower Rose Ball Joint. (above point A on dia. 1)

7. Reassemble valve, reversing the procedure above. When replacing the handle, make sure the Handle Clasp is engaged on the Drive Peg. When refitting the Shower Rose just hand tighten firmly against the rubber washer.


DO NOT forget to turn the Isolators ON - anticlockwise!

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